Rock Ridge Park

Rock Ridge Park is a 52-acre park; locals often refer to it as the zipline park. The Playground is a natural wood play fort, an eighty-foot zipline, wooden seesaw, and a “VIP Swing” seesaw/swing combination. The fastest way to the playground is to take the pathed path from where the park information signs are, it […]

Mary Hayes Barber Holmes Park

This 10-acre neighborhood park, located in the Powell Place Development, has received several awards and recognitions. The parking lot has a charge point station for electric cars. The Playground features a natural design with the art and play sculptures dispersed throughout the park, including climbing areas, swings, and a seesaw. The public toilet located in […]

McClenahan Street Park

McClenahan Street Park is a 2-acre park that is a joint venture with the Chatham Parks and Pittsboro Parks Recreation Department. The public toilet located in the parking lot by the tennis courts is a portajohn. There is a single picnic table under shade by the basketball courts and a seasonal drinking fountain. This athletic […]

Nooe Park

Nooe Pocket Park is part of the Pittsboro Presbyterian Church grounds shared with the community after receiving a financial gift from the Nooe Family. There are several concrete picnic tables and a small brick patio area where you can take a quiet moment with God or connect with your neighbors any time of the day. […]

Chatham County 9-11 First Responder Memorial

The Chatham County 9-11 First Responder Memorial is 444 miles to ground zero. The memorial’s centerpiece is a beam from the former World Trade Center, which stands on end tilted 9 degrees and 11 minutes facing New York City. This memorial honors, recognizes, and memorializes the dedicated men and women of the Armed Forces plus […]

Costa Losta Park

Changing rooms and a snack bar when the pool is open. Bring your family and friends. Trash cans specifically colored “purple” for bubble gum waste.